The Preferred Jewelers Institute

“Education is our Mission”

Education Our vision is to have a Preferred Institute of Education that teaches us what we need to be successful over and above merchandise.

 We will source specialized speakers (outside of our industry) plus conduct interactive roundtable forums of Preferred Jewelers exchanging ideas of all different topics relating to day-to-day business practices. Below are some thoughts of the future vision of a Preferred Jewelers International™ member/retailer and what the Institute would offer.

  • Branding yourself and/or your store(s)
  • Forums – Roundtable Interactive Discussion
    (Consumer motivated “Hot Topics”)
  • Compensation plans for personnel
  • Battling the internet and winning
  • Creating that multi-million dollar writer
  • How to get more self-purchasers in your store
  • Radio vs. T.V. vs. Internet Marketing
  • How to greet and connect with your customer
  • The effects that body language plays
  • How the next generation shops before purchasing / Web 411 / Google
  • Keeping a customer for life
  • Seminars which would include psychology, wellness and overall motivation by inspiring lecturers
* Please be aware that The Preferred Institute is not included in your annual fee and it is not mandatory to attend.